Mrs. Nkiruka Ferdinand-Mbah has been singing since her childhood days in the Block Rosary Crusade in her native town of Amuzi in Ahiara Mbaise, Imo State. Her sonorous voice has always distinguished her in all the choir groups she has ever belonged. No wonder she could not ignore pressure from her fans urging her to do something for posterity. Igbolife caught up with her as she prepares to launch her maiden gospel music album and she spoke with Cornelius Onyeulo.

Ada Igbo eji aga mba Everglad Nkiruka, (cuts in: That’s my name sir). Congratulations in advance on your maiden album launch coming up on May 6, 2018. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Ndigbo nwem, I love you so much. I appreciate you and I am a proud Igbo daughter, sister and wife. Thanks so much. My name is Mrs. Nkiruka Ferdinand-Mbah and my stage name is Everglad. I am ever glad because I always ask God one thing and that thing is for him not to take his glory away from me, not to remove his spirit from me because when the glory and spirit of God are with me I will have every cause, every moment to be constantly glad. That is why I am ever glad.

Tell us about your journey into the music world as you are about to raise an album.

It’s been a long while and quite a long time, even before I got married. I started this and I feel that what I know how to do best is singing. I started from Block Rosary as a little child, I am a Catholic and I entered into the choir and everywhere I find myself I always belong to the choir group. It got to a point that any location I find myself either the choir master or music director of any choir will always recognize me and would ask me to join for help. Also, at a point I worked in a classical music company, Orpheus Music Mart that is affiliated to Muson Musical Society of Nigeria. I started singing to the level that I joined the Choral World Classical Music and it got to a point that my fans out there started pushing me, asking me to put something down for posterity sake. For that reason I was doing it just to put something down when I first started. It also got to a point that people started valuing my work but I have not launched it. Anyone that hears my songs, no two persons like the same song. It’s like I like this, no this one is best or that one. It got to a point I began to contemplate the possibility of making a career out of singing. I asked God, and he approved. That is where I am now.

Your maiden album, what is it all about?

This maiden album is entitled Nkiruka, my name. Nkiruka means bright future and literally means what is coming in future is far greater and will always be better than the past. Due to situations and things in life, I came to realize that many of my songs are inspirational and situational. Many of my songs speak to the Nkiruka theme, either urging patience or inspiring the individual to action. Chinecherem, a highlife tune, for instance, urges total submission to God. My God is Good acknowledges the goodness of God. In Just to Say Thank You, I shower appreciation on God who has shown me so much love. I have Row Your Boat, an afro beat to philosophize man’s purpose and mission in life. Chukwu Muo Nso or Holy Spirit is dedicated to my present parish, the Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit Omole, Ikeja, Lagos. In Jolli Jolli, I counsel caution and good spiritedness in coping with the challenges of life. Children of God only face challenges, and not difficulties, which in the end they will always overcome. So, Nkiruka is asking everybody and telling everybody that no matter the situation we find ourselves, our future will always be better than our past. That is it.

Thank you madam; the launch comes up on May 6, 2018 at the Governor’s Hotel Hall, Omole Phase 1 Ikeja, Lagos. On behalf of Igbolife magazine I wish you good luck and congratulate you in advance. We will continue to support and encourage you and urge Ndigbo at home and in the Diaspora not to allow this talent to waste but to support and encourage you.  

Thank you very much my people, ndi nwem Ndigbo. Anam ekele unu. I started this journey from ala Igbo, Amuzi Ahiara Mbaise in Imo State. If you go there they know me and they call me Nwanyi olu oma. I am from St. Jude’s Catholic Church Amuzi, Ahiara Mbaise. Ndi Amuzi, anam ekele unu, Ndigbo nwem anam ekele unu. Imo State nwem anam ekele unu. Udo diri unu, obu nwa unu Nkiruka Gladys Ferdinand-Mbah married in Mbano. I thank you very much for your support.




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