Cornelius Onyeulo

Joseph Okechukwu said God has this question for Ndigbo; “What is the meaning of Osu?” How can you hold your brothers and sisters and label them as slaves. You cannot intermarry with them, you cannot do anything with them, no association, nothing and you want God to set you free from the bondage of being slaves in Nigeria? God asked me this question and I did not have any answer. We are calling our brothers and sisters slaves?

Okay, for people who do not understand the Osu Caste System, see there are about three different stories on how the Osu thing emerged. Some people said back in the days when kings used to ask for human sacrifice, the kings will go and buy slaves to sacrifice to their deities. Sometimes they did not kill the slaves and just left them to be dedicated to their deities or shrines forever. Another story had it that the Nri kingdom then possessed certain power to purge and cleanse communities. Some communities that did not want theirs cleansed by the Nri priests are banished and labeled as Osu. The other story of people who disobeyed the king and because you disobeyed the king, you were banished and called Osu? These things happened in the past and the story we are not even proud of is what people are holding unto?

On March 20th, 1956 the Igbo Legislative Assembly in Eastern Region then in Enugu actually made sure that they stopped people from addressing other people as Osu, but that wasn’t merely addressing people as Osu but then the culture itself. It is sustained till today. Even being the so called Amadi, I know what people tell us; ‘Do not bring an Osu woman here, you cannot bring….’ This is absolutely rubbish. The Lord said, “Tell them that for this reason, I am very angry with the Igbos.” God said I should tell you that this is the true root, the actual root of the division that everyone sees in Igbo land today. This division will never end for as long as the Igbos continue to observe this and allow it to be preserved in our culture and tradition.

Joseph Okechukwu posed this contemporary question to Ndigbo; “If you’re one of the people they call Osu and you’re Igbo and you hear that the Igbos are fighting for freedom to get Biafra, be honest with me and yourself, will you want to support that Biafra move?” You will do everything within your capacity and power to sabotage the Biafran move because you are already labeled a slave. You’re not welcome and so when finally Igbos get their own country, what would they do to us.                               You see God is very furious with the Igbos, very angry with my people. The Lord said, the only person qualified to be called Osu is the person who has not accepted Jesus Christ into his life even if he is the so called Amadi. God’s own creation in his image cannot be labeled as an Osu.  

You know, there is no way in the world I would have cooked up this by myself. I am telling the truth. God said, “I am extremely angry, I am extremely angry.” May God forgive us and on behalf of the so called Amadi, I ask you Oh God of heaven have mercy on us. The joy is that God wants us to do something and if you’re anywhere in the world, if you are close to the traditional rulers and because every time God speaks to me, he gives me solution. Now this is what God told me, you have to all gather together the Igbos wherever you are, prepare yourselves to go home, every Igbo man or woman, save money and go to that birth place of the Igbo nation. The place is Nri right? The gathering will be the largest of the Igbos at that birth place and so if you’re in Nigeria, get in touch me on my Facebook page. There is need to connect all the traditional rulers, all the political leaders and everybody in Igbo land to go to that place and make confession to God and ask God to forgive us and ask our brothers and sisters we have labeled Osu to forgive us and seek repentance from the Most High God. The concluding part will be next.



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