OSU CASTE SYSTEM GOD IS VERY ANGRY WITH THE IGBOS. Part 1                                                            

Cornelius Onyeulo

Recently someone sent a video to Igbo Life on Facebook page. I made out time to watch and listen to the video. The video was all about Joseph Okechukwu saying that if people had been following him on Facebook, they would have noticed that he had always said he was going to make a video of the revelation he had. I didn’t know about Joseph Okechukwu and never listened to any of his videos, so I decided to get in touch with him. This publication is to bring to the notice of Ndigbo the issues he raised which I believe need attention and on my part, would not be the elder who remained at home and the she goat delivers tethered to a stake. I will say what I have heard.

Joseph Okechukwu said that God spoke into his ears that though he is not a prophet or a pastor that every single thing he says comes to pass. He said, “You see the python dance, you see the celibacy programme, is anybody still in doubt that God told me to raise an army of celibates or holy people so he can disgrace and destroy the kings and kingdoms of the wicked kings in Nigeria? Are you still in doubt about that? He told me he was going to start in January, January has not ended. Are you reading the news, do you see what is happening and this is the beginning.”

Okechukwu said people should listen to what God told him and pay close attention. He swore that he was saying the gospel truth because he was not going to gain anything out of his message. He said, “God told me clearly, repeatedly in many more times I can ever remember. He said, son, prepare me the Igbos for nationhood.” He said at night when he wants to sleep with worship songs and everything and he would be praying with his worship songs, this one rings in his head more than anything until he would close his eyes: “Prepare me the Igbos for nationhood.” He then asked God, “Oh God how can I prepare the Igbos for nationhood. The Igbos are the ones that have been at the forefront of fighting for Biafra?” He said God repeated, “Prepare me the Igbos for nationhood.” In response he then asked God, “Daddy help me, which nationhood?” He said then God told him, “They are not prepared; in fact, they are the least prepared for nationhood of all the ethnic groups in Nigeria.” Okechukwu said at this point his body went cold and as God spoke to him he heard what shook the foundation of all knowledge he had ever gathered in his life. God said, “Son, I am very angry with the Igbos. I have turned my back on them because the Igbos are still observing a code of slavery even in the culture, the Igbos are still observing a slavery code.” God told me the ‘OSU CASTE SYSTEM’ in Igbo land. To be continued.


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